Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins, New York Daily News, Sunday Extra (April 19, 1998) – Photos by Helayne Seidman

I met Bob Hoskins in a Manhattan bar in the spring of 1998 for an interview for the New York Daily News.

Hoskins wore a blue shirt, jeans, hiking boots and a pair of wire rimmed glasses. We took some silly photos and discussed his British boxing film, “TwentyFourSeven.”

I ordered a pint of beer and the star of the 1980 gangster classic, “The Long Good Friday” had a glass of chardonnay.

Hoskins was a pit bull of an actor and the bar hang was going extremely well…until he threatened to kill me.

Something About Bob Hoskins

Hoskins was joking of course, but I couldn’t help using his threat for my lead after he bummed a smoke from a cute waitress and took a long, good drag.

“Some people have affairs. I just have a cigarette,” he confessed as he drank and glanced over his shoulder.

“You write that and I’ll kill ya, I’ll fucking kill ya!”

We laughed, talked about his roles in “Mona Lisa” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and eventually ordered another round.

Bob Hoskins was a great bloke, a real star and a legendary performer.

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