Nasty TT

Audi TT - Laguna Beach, California

A good friend of mine is moving to Los Angeles from New York. You really don’t need a car in NYC (unless you are a sadist) but in LA it’s a must. He’s in the market for a decent used ride to sit in traffic in. He wants to look good and his budget is $18,000.

Here’s my top five picks based on performance, reliability and price:

Mazda Miata; BMW Z-4;  Audi TT; BMW 325/328; Ford Mustang

These are just a few examples of 2005 or better cars for sale on craigslist in Los Angeles in that price range but here are a few things to keep in mind:

-You want to buy the car from the original owner (not from the dealer, not from the second owner etc…). The dealer does not know the history of the car – he just wants to sell a trade-in and make a big commission.

-Bring or have a mechanic look it over before you buy it. Spending a little cash now will save you big bucks later.

-Do NOT buy a car with a salvage title. That’s easy to spot but a good mechanic will put the car on a lift and see if it was in a major accident, if the frame is bent….etc.

-Take it for a test drive! Trust your instincts, be patient and happy motoring.

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  1. JoeyB says:


    -Get a friend an airline ticket to Los Angeles with the intent to have said friend do all of the above.