10 Reasons Why I Forgot to Biker Wave

13418724_10154248658000917_3529470933630893652_nDon’t get me wrong but I always try and do the biker wave – really I swear. But occasionally I forget or blow it and I want to personally apologize to everyone out there that I may have slighted over years. I’m sorry.

If you don’t know what the biker wave is you can learn about it in this informative post by William Conner here. It’s a biker thing not a cage thing. If you wave at another idiot who drives a Fiata just like you do, it’s NOT the same thing at all.

That said here are my best excuses for why I forgot to biker wave…

  1. I didn’t (EXPLETIVE) see you.
  2. You are riding a (EXPLETIVE) scooter.
  3. I don’t like your (EXPLETIVE) bike.
  4. We’re riding on the (EXPLETIVE) freeway/highway/Interstate.
  5. I’m in a sharp turn and have both hands on the (EXPLETIVE) handlebars.
  6. I’m scared to wave at you because it’s too (EXPLETIVE) windy, rainy or dangerous.
  7. Your (EXPLETIVE) bike is a funny color and I don’t want you to think I am flirting with you.
  8. Have you noticed that there’s a (EXPLETIVE) motorcycle rally going on?
  9. You’re an (EXPLETIVE).
  10. I’m an (EXPLETIVE).

Anyway, if you don’t wave back at me if I wave at you –  just imagine that I am flipping you the bird instead. Thanks!

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