Trick or Treat?

2013 Harley-Davidson XL Seventy-Two – photo courtesy of H-D

This year’s sexy Sportsters are definitely a treat and available in new hard candy green, gold and red flavors. According to the experts at Harley-Davidson, the Seventy-Two is a nod to the 70s’ custom culture that still can be found in East Los Angeles, especially the legendary cruising strip – Whittier Boulevard also known as Route 72.

I was lucky enough to catch one of these new hogs in the wild at Cook’s Corner last weekend and was impressed, as were the other hundred or so beer-bellied bikers. Aside from the new candy paint options (the silver flake in the paint makes it shimmer like a biker gal dancing to a Lynyrd Skynard cover band), the whitewall tires, the mini-ape handlebars, and 1200cc V-Twin engine (way more power than a Smart car), are all stock for this model and will set you back at least $12,000 big ones.

Still it’s always more fun (and probably cheaper) to build your own dream machine, but if you can afford it, why get your hands all dirty?

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2 Responses to Trick or Treat?

  1. Harley Davidson has been my favorite bike manufacturer. I have a Harley myself and I love riding it a lot. This blog is a real treat for me.