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Man with a Van…

…and a pickup! Looks like a third generation with all the trimmings. Econoline van fans are diehards and these types of conversions are a pretty rare find. Scary too.

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On the Border

After a long day of driving, it’s good to pull into a place where you can really sink your teeth into.

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Looking for a 2009 to customize…until my 2025 is ready in the showroom :)

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Nightwing wannabe spotted in Bl├╝dhaven… I had a 1977 black beauty back in the day, when gas was below a dollar a gallon. Sigh.

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$800 0.B.O. Needs a little TLC and some hot wax. Great for target practice. Looking for something that’s more modern? These reimaged Model T design concepts look awesome.

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On the Boulevard

Gas is $4.23 in Southern California today. Filling up the beast can be a painful experience lately. Sometimes Most times two wheels can be better than four. I used to ride a 1992 Intruder with a hydraulic clutch that liked … Continue reading

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I spotted a 1966 Thunderbird for $6500 that needs work, but I would much rather customize a 2005 with House of Kolor paint, flames and a vintage set of Kragers.

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California Dreamin’

Because a pink Bel Air or Townsman just doesn’t have the same ring… You may think I’m foolish For the foolish things I do You may wonder how come I love you When you get on my nerves like you … Continue reading

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Kentucky Reign

Kentucky is the home of Corvettes, derbies and bourbon. Animal Kingdom won this year’s race. All I need now is a full tank, some Elvis and a mint julep to go.

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Wash Me!

“Ooh, ooh, you might not ever get rich – But let me tell ya, it’s better than diggin’ a ditch.” – Car Wash

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