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The Wildest Rides of Laconia Bike Week

Everywhere you look along Lakeside Avenue in Weirs Beach you can’t help but find something cool to stare at during the 93rd annual Laconia Bike Week in New Hampshire. Read all about it here. Follow @vrrroom  

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Cook’s Classic

Good things come in small packages. This classic didn’t have a speedometer, but I’m sure that really doesn’t matter as long as you have a full tank of gas.

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Storm Watch

If the Dude rode a motorcycle it would probably be a Honda Hurricane.  A refrigerator with a 5.5-gallon tank and a 998-cc four stroke engine. Perfect for getting out of town in a hurry.

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Learning to Fly

It’s never too early. Hondas rule in many towns of Northern Peru.

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Dream Catchers

Not my favorite mode of transport, but you’ve got to love their spirit. They both had trailers attached too.

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Who needs room for passengers when you got SPEAKERS – plus gull wing doors!

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Looking for a 2009 to customize…until my 2025 is ready in the showroom :)

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