Greetings from Wyoming

CL0rQEaVEAABX95The misty road back from Sturgis, South Dakota to Los Angeles, California circa 2015.

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Vital Idol


Ed-Tahaney-with-Billy-IdolHow to interview a rock star… Step one: Hitch a ride.

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Ready for Spring

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Live Free or Die

13450067_10154250161995917_8269980733157490216_nWeirs Beach, Laconia, New Hampshire.

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Happy Motoring!

Get your latest fill here…



and here:

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Harley and the Davidsons Really Know How to Party

13900082_10154379689465917_3801407668093134187_nHarley and the Davidsons is a new three-part miniseries that will air on the Discovery Channel in September. It’s based on the “true story” of the motorcycle company’s founders William Harley and brothers Walter and Arthur Davidson.

Read all about it here.

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10 Reasons Why I Forgot to Biker Wave

13418724_10154248658000917_3529470933630893652_nDon’t get me wrong but I always try and do the biker wave – really I swear. But occasionally I forget or blow it and I want to personally apologize to everyone out there that I may have slighted over years. I’m sorry.

If you don’t know what the biker wave is you can learn about it in this informative post by William Conner here. It’s a biker thing not a cage thing. If you wave at another idiot who drives a Fiata just like you do, it’s NOT the same thing at all.

That said here are my best excuses for why I forgot to biker wave…

  1. I didn’t (EXPLETIVE) see you.
  2. You are riding a (EXPLETIVE) scooter.
  3. I don’t like your (EXPLETIVE) bike.
  4. We’re riding on the (EXPLETIVE) freeway/highway/Interstate.
  5. I’m in a sharp turn and have both hands on the (EXPLETIVE) handlebars.
  6. I’m scared to wave at you because it’s too (EXPLETIVE) windy, rainy or dangerous.
  7. Your (EXPLETIVE) bike is a funny color and I don’t want you to think I am flirting with you.
  8. Have you noticed that there’s a (EXPLETIVE) motorcycle rally going on?
  9. You’re an (EXPLETIVE).
  10. I’m an (EXPLETIVE).

Anyway, if you don’t wave back at me if I wave at you –  just imagine that I am flipping you the bird instead. Thanks!

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The Wildest Rides of Laconia Bike Week

Ck4OnI2UoAApTqNEverywhere you look along Lakeside Avenue in Weirs Beach you can’t help but find something cool to stare at during the 93rd annual Laconia Bike Week in New Hampshire.

Read all about it here.


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The Road to Laconia 2016

13394106_10154234458235917_1578442652317330209_nI rolled out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin late in the day on the road to Laconia, New Hampshire. My ride is a 2016 Harley-Davidson Ultra Low in Purple Fire/Blackberry Smoke with only six miles on the clock. I call her “Purple Rain.”

Read about it here.

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