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Sturgis Bound

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Crosstown Traffic

“C’mon, move it! I’m gonna be late for the park!”

“Hey lady, go pluck yourself in private!”

“I should’ve packed a bone.”

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Sunday Ride

Good day for a ride. -Akira (1988)

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1970 Ford Bronco – Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, California

California or Bust – Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, California

1964 Ford Fairlane – San Juan Capistrano, California

1932 Ford Deuce – 5 South, Oceanside, California


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Buggin’ Out (1997)

New York Daily News – Photos by Corey Sipkin

Way back in 1997, cramming nearly a dozen of my New York Daily News co-workers into the back of the all new Volkswagen Beetle was easy – getting them out was hard.

Everyone loved the new “Love Bug” and when the completely redesigned rover made its NYC debut, we were lucky enough to snag one for a week long joy ride.

The metallic blue Beetle made its way from Times Square to Coney Island and back again, many times over.

New York Daily News – Photos by Corey Sipkin

The 1998 Beetle we tested was literally mobbed wherever I drove it and a New Jersey State Trooper even pulled me over just to look at it. I felt like Bon Jovi getting in and out of it.

Parking the 2-door coupe in Manhattan was a breeze and it handled way better than the original VWs I had driven in the past.

1998 Volkswagen Beetle – Tenth Avenue, New York City

I couldn’t find a 1938 model for a comparison shot, but managed to secure a sweet 1955 version thanks to Bob Cropsey of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America.

Photographer Corey Sipkin took some amazing photos that day and in the end there was no real comparison to the original aside from the badges.

But despite its numerous faults, I’ll always have a soft spot for the new Bug – which is now the old Bug.

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K9: Top Dog from Kia Motors

2015 Kia K9 – Seoul, Korea

Forte. Rio.  Sportage. When one thinks of Kia Motors, luxury vehicles do not immediately come to mind Рuntil now.

The 2015 K9 is being introduced as the K-900 in the US and we had the pleasure of test driving a model on the hot, sticky, streets of Seoul, Korea.

Forget everything you may think about Kia Motors, the K9 is one of the finest luxury sedans on the market today – really.

2015 Kia K9 – Seoul, Korea

Being chauffeured through a sea of Hyundais  in downtown Seoul, where drivers seem to only have a choice between black or silver cars, the K9 is a real standout.

The $60,000, 5.0-liter, v8 420 horsepower sedan is priced thousands of dollars less ($10,000 to $15,000) than similar luxury models from Audi, BMW and Lexus.

2015 Kia K9 – Seoul, Korea

The K9 has all the bells and whistles of its competitors along with decent styling, air conditioned leather seats, rear wheel drive and a front grill you can cook a side of beef on.

The latest offering from Kia is the perfect ride for moguls and upstarts looking to save big bucks without compromising class, comfort or handling.

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